Tara Sinclair

Certified Athletic Therapist

Tara Sinclair

BA(H.S.), DIP SIM, CAT(C) Certified Athletic Therapist


  • Brock University – Sept ’95 – Apr ‘99 – Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Studies
  • Sheridan College – Sept ’99 – Apr ‘02 – Sports Injury Management Diploma

Continuing Education:

  • Soft Tissue Release Course – Oct ‘04
  • Intro to Cranial Sacral Course – Nov ‘04
  • Muscle Energy Certificate – Mar/Apr ’02
  • Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute Courses
  • The Shoulder Complex – Apr/May ‘04
  • The Sacroiliac Joint – Sept ‘04
  • The Knee Complex – Jun ‘04
  • First Responder Including AED

I have faith in combining a various range of modalities, manual techniques, physical activity and home programs in my therapy treatments. I believe that returning to physical activity and movement as soon as possible will decrease recovery time. I work closely with a team of healthcare professionals to ensure my patients receive the most beneficial treatment possible.