What is Orthotics?

Your feet are a complex system of 52 bones, 66 joints, 214 ligaments, and 38 muscles and tendons. It is no wonder that 75% of North Americans will experience significant foot problems at some point in their lives. Poor foot biomechanics may lead to foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain and reduced athletic performance. Orthotics are custom made orthopedic devices designed to correct these biomechanical foot disorders and prevent injuries  Because your feet support the weight of your entire body, a subtle change in the way you walk, will cause multiple compensatory changes in your posture and gait mechanics. This puts extra stress on the muscles, nerves and skeletal systems and lead to more serious problems.

At Progressive Sports Medicine, high quality Custom foot orthotics are combined with specific manual foot adjustments using a toggle board. The combination of these two therapies ensures that you recover and reach your full potential faster than with orthotic therapy alone even if your condition is chronic and of a difficult nature. Custom foot orthotics and orthopedic shoes are covered by most extended health care plans.

Do I need orthotics?

  • My feet are sore on a regular basis
  • My job requires me to stand or walk on hard surfaces all day
  • I play sports
  • Standing, walking or running gives me joint pain
  • I have visible foot problems like bunions, hammer toes, or fallen arches
  • I am over 40 years old
  • One of my legs is shorter than the other
  • I wear my shoes out quickly and unevenly
  • My feet point outwards when I walk
  • There is history of foot related symptoms in my family

If you answered yes to any of the statements above, ask us how orthotics can help you feel better from the ground up.

We can evaluate the way you walk (gait analysis) and determine if you are in need of custom foot orthotics. The custom foot orthotics will help you rebalance your feet, and reduce pain and discomfort by enhancing your body’s natural movement.

Orthotics can be prescribed to:

  • Provide customized support
  • Accommodate most foot deformities
  • Relieve pressure on certain parts of the foot
  • Improve the function of the muscles, tendons and bones of the feet and lower legs to ensure they function at their highest potential

Custom foot orthotics are custom molded to the support requirements of your feet. Orthotics look like insoles, but are precision custom made devices designed to correct your specific foot imbalance or condition.

Some examples of the benefits of orthotics are:

  • Decreases pain
  • Increases stability
  • Prevents the foot from developing additional problems
  • Improves the quality of life
  • Increases endurance, strength and performance in sports
  • Relieves fatigue and discomfort
  • Promotes efficient muscle function to enhance performance

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