Shockwave and Cold Laser Therapy


What is shockwave and cold laser therapies?

Shockwave and cold laser therapies are non-invasive and promote accelerated recovery of injured soft tissues while reducing bone and joint pain. Shockwave therapy restores mobility by breaking up scar tissue and trigger points, restoring/healing damaged tendons, and is also covered under most extended health plans. Shockwave therapy can effectively treat plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, trigger points, scar tissues, tendonitis, scar tissue, tennis and golfers elShockwavebow, and rotator cuff tendonitis.

Cold laser therapy is a safe and effective method to treat a wide variety of conditions utilizing the healing power of lasers.  Lasers reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation while increasing blood flow and ranges of motion.

At Progressive Sports Medicine, laser therapy is often combined with shockwave or electrotherapy to further accelerate the healing process.

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